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Why you need a cocktail shaker

A cocktail shaker is an important piece of equipment in any home bar. In this article, we take a closer look at the reasons why you need a cocktail shaker when making drinks at home.

A Better Mix of Flavours

The primary goal of shaking drinks is to combine all of the components to make a delicious blend. Shaking is the most thorough method to mix the components together. In some cases, filling a glass and mixing the drink in the glass is sufficient; this is referred to as “building” a cocktail. However, there are distinct differences between a stirred and shaken version of the same mix when compared side by side. The shake mixes the components thoroughly, as well as aerating the cocktail. This relaxes the alcohol burn while adding zest. A shaken alcoholic beverage is often more drinkable.

Cocktail shaker with cocktail

Proper Dilution vs. Watered Down

The advantage of shaking is that it assures proper dilution. During the shake, the length of time a drink spends in touch with ice is just long enough to add the required amount of water to the mix to ensure a smoother-tasting cocktail. On the other hand, the end of an ice-filled cold drink is watered down and insignificant (especially in the heat). Remember that the strength of a cocktail varies with the amount of ice used. A well shaken or stirred cocktail adds about 12.5ml (0.5 oz) of water, making it more powerful. Many martini-style drinks are stiff beverages with an alcohol concentration of around 20 percent (40 proof). A vodka martini, would be 35% ABV (70 proof) if you didn’t add the ice, rather than the somewhat softer 28% ABV (56 proof) shaken with ice. The consequences on your body and how quickly you get drunk are significant.

Cocktail shaker components

Slow the In-Glass Dilution

Keeping a drink cold without watering it down is not difficult. Use regular ice cubes in your shaker and strain over a large ice chunk, such as an ice ball. Small cubes have more surface areas and so will melt more quickly. Another option is to use chilled whiskey stones to keep drinks cool without adding any extra water.

You’ll find that a cocktail shaker opens up a world of possibilities. If creating and perfecting cocktails is your aim, a shaker is essential. Bartenders use a shaker to create delicate, flavourful cocktails. The blending and dilution benefits are only the beginning; there’s more to it than that. It’s not just about being fashionable behind the bar. Simply put, the majority of mixed drinks just taste better. Some beverages require the shake for particular reasons.

There are certain things in life that are worth waiting for, and one of them is the little time it takes to shake a fantastic cocktail. One of the most common concerns people have while using a cocktail shaker is the amount of time it takes. You may take a bit longer to shake drinks at first. It becomes second nature with practice and experience, and you’ll be able to prepare a great cocktail in no time.


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